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Maiolo Marble Restoration provides a variety of services for you and all of your stone care needs. We offer the best restoration experts as well as exceptional customer service to better serve you.
Whether you need a light polishing on your kitchen countertop, or a full scale restoration on your bathroom floor, Maiolo Marble Restoration will provide you with the highest quality work around. If you are interested in a free estimate, please call us at 516-369-2222 or complete an
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Maiolo Marble Restoration has expanded and created the Maiolo Products Stone Care Line! We offer a variety of products that enable you to properly take care of all of your stone surfaces.

A No Mess Guide

The part of a house that goes through the maximum amount of wear and tear is the floor. The homeowners who have granite or marble flooring in their houses need to develop a proper maintenance regime for ensuring longevity of the floor. The stone floors have to go through a number of problems but there are remedies for curing those problems too. With regular care and maintenance it is possible to retain the beauty and elegance of the marble floors.

There are several companies that offer marble floor restoration service for the homeowners. They offer various types of floor restoration treatments. It varies on the condition of the floor. These companies also suggest the clients about ways to take care of their floor.

Bright and Beautiful Marble Floors

Durability and easy maintenance are the qualities that you want for your flooring. Granite, marble and other stones are the most luxurious of flooring materials that are in the market today. You definitely will expect long life but be aware that marble can be marred by contact with acidic foods and granite can absorb kitchen grease. However the sight of your marble floors reminds you of nature's beauty and wonder and you forget for a minute that almost everything in this world is synthetic and fake. Your floors are a crucial part to your home and so it is certainly understandable that you want your floors to be well-maintained and long-lasting.

But you can have it both ways, with the help of There are professionals like commercial marble restoration in boca who can keep up the appropriate care for marble floors because like most innate materials, stone will also stain. Marble floors are very resistant to heat that even a hot pot of oil will not leave any scars on its precious surface and if properly sealed are strongly resistant to stains. The disadvantages of having marble floors are not to be downplayed because such material is easily damaged by sharp edges or from dragging a rough object across the surface. Aside from that, your marble floors have the tendency to be chipped and dented very easily. It is very important that your marble floors be sealed periodically.

Bringing Back The Natural

Flooring marble proves to be a popular choice of a large number of home makers. You can add-on to the elegant look of your interiors by making proper flooring choices. Granite marbles as well as slate marble provides timeless beauty to your home.

However the natural luster as well as beauty of marble can disappear with time if it is not cared for. The elegant look of marble can vanish away mainly because of the fact that marble are very much susceptible to abrasion and scratches. Therefore you need to walk an extra mile in order to ensure that the grand look of the marble stays with time. Indian Natural Stone Supplier provides best of natural stones to the customers round the world. You can opt for a variety of granite marbles as well as slate marble; they come within a huge range of patterns.

Build your business on a stronger

Build your business on a stronger foundation; Enroll for Marble Restoration Training   by Angelo

in Business / Business Ideas    (submitted 2010-05-13)

if you want to create a niche for yourself in the marble floor restoration and maintenance industry by starting a business of your own, it is needless to say that you would first need to learn everything about the marble floor restoration process; starting from its basics to the most complicated and technical aspects. A couple of these include knowledge about natural and artificial marbles and how to distinguish between the two. A sound knowledge of the types of damages caused to the marble stone floors along with both conventional and contemporary remedial measures to correct them will also prove to be helpful. Knowledge about contemporary remedial measures would include knowledge about all the latest machines and chemicals and how to use them.

Calgary Granite Business Customer Service

Calgary Granite   by Premier Granite & Stone

in Business / Customer Service    (submitted 2012-12-28)

Premier Granite & Stone is a locally owned and operated business proudly serving in Calgary. We are a growing Calgary based business that is proudly serving the Alberta region. We offer an affordable selection of granite products from all over the world for use as counter tops, island tops, fireplaces, table tops, vanities, sinks and more. We provide professional granite counter top fabrication and installation services in the Alberta area. We also offer a wide range of island tops, counter tops, fireplaces, table tops, vanities, sinks and more. Premier Granite & Stone is known for its quality work, reliability, excellent customer service, and timely completion. We are very successful in granite and stone fabrication and installation.

Calgary Granite FAQ Home Interior

Calgary Granite FAQ   by Leanne Nichol

in Home / Interior Design    (submitted 2010-01-24)


Granite is the most unique material with no two pieces being exactly the same. The most recent granite was formed over 750 million years ago; if granite can withstand the test of time it can withstand the most active kitchen users.

Granite's pristine finish, along with its natural beauty cannot be replicated by any man made material. Granite will retain its beauty and value longer than any countertop surface on the market, making it the perfect choice for every homeowner.

Choosing the Right Marble Restoration Course

Choosing the Right Marble Restoration Course   by Angelo

in Business / Business Ideas    (submitted 2010-06-17)

There is a great saying "the path you choose, determines your success". Hence, choosing an appropriate intensive marble restoration course can help you boost your chances of a successful career in the property sector. But, still the choice of course is very important.

There are certain factors that determine your choice of marble restoration course. First is the time factor. The duration of course depends largely upon the time you are willing to spend on the course. There are several intensive marble restoration course modules that have been created. The aim of these courses is to teach one as much as possible in the least period of time.

Cleaning Granite As a Home

To homes with parts made of granite, the cleaning granite process is an essential part of its maintenance. Without it, the over all look of the houses will be negatively affected. If it won't be properly cleaned and cared, it might as well be just replaced.

However, granite is too beautiful of a construction stone to just be substituted by other construction materials. For sure, it is because of its beauty why it was installed in the first place. So why leave it in a not-so-good condition and waste a beautiful piece? Apart from that, granite and its installation cost rather high. If you will have it installed and be replaced, you will be just wasting money. And so, replacing granite is not the best course of action to take. 

Cleaning Limestone Fireplace Keep Your Fireplace

Fireplace is a very old tradition in European and American Houses. Fireplace adds a tremendous aesthetic value to the homes but have a tendency to loose their sheen because of the smoke. Hence Cleaning Limestone Fireplace should be carried out on a regular basis

Fireplace is an integral part of all the royal mansions. Apart from providing heat and warmth it is a tremendous place for family gathering. President Roosevelt used the fireplace to a great effect while giving out his fireside chats during the Great Depression, to reach out to the whole family.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock. It is a naturally hard rock and is available in a variety of natural colours. Its durable nature makes it an ideal material for construction purpose and it can easily face the heat inside a fireplace. However being porous limestone has a tendency to get stained easily. Hence Cleaning Limestone Fireplace is very important.

Cleaning Terrazzo Floors To Restore

What do you understand by Terrazzo flooring? Terrazzo refers to a mixture of marble and Portland cement comprising two parts marble and one part cement. During the installation of Terrazzo flooring, marble chips are sprinkled on the surface such that maximum proportion of the surface is marble.

Regular Terrazzo cleaning is a must for proper upkeep and maintenance of your floors. In order to clean the Terrazzo floor, you need to understand what exactly it is made up of. The marble component of its surface is almost non-absorbent; however, the cement binder is extremely porous and absorbs stains very easily. You would face maximum trouble with this part of the Terrazzo flooring.